Hydrogen Oxygen-6 in 1 hydrafacial machine

Hydrogen Oxygen-6 in 1 hydrafacial machine

Type :  NV-W05X Second Generation
Unite Price :  $415
Net Weight :  11.3Kg
Dimension of Packing :  46*43*30CM
Custom proofing :  20-30 days


Features :

1.Hydrodermabrasion Handle: Deep cleaning, improve pigmentation, absorb blackheads
2.Ultrasonic pen: High-frequency vibration introduction
3.Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning: Remove dead skin, clean
4.Cold hammer: Shrink pores, calm skin, eliminate redness and sensitivity
5.Nine-pole radio frequency: Lifting and tightening, improving contour, tightening loose skin
6.High polymer water oxgen: Combine with the original liquid product to hydrate the skin


Cutting Edge Hydra Facial Machine in China

Discover the best and most affordable Hydra Facial Machine in China from New Face. China has seen a notable increase in the popularity of Hydra facial machines because of their comprehensive approach to skincare.

These cutting-edge tools provide a variety of treatments intended to address different skin issues, offering a full solution for therapeutic and cosmetic requirements. It offers many functions, such as deep cleaning and removing extra oil along with dirt.

Moreover, it is best for combination and oily skin, as it removes all the impurities from the pores that make excess sebum. The device improves the texture and appearance of oily skin by completely cleansing the skin without depriving it of its natural moisture content.

Purchase our wholesale facial and other machines from a multifunctional moisture-lifting supplier at competitive prices in the market.

Benefits of Hydra Facial Machine for Face

Our top-selling hydra facial machine can help to lighten the scars from burns, laser treatments, and surgeries effectively in appearance. Over time, the scars became smoother and less apparent as a result of the treatment’s promotion of skin regeneration and accelerated healing process.

Different types of acne, including blain, scabby, allergic, and papilla acne, are treated by the Hydra face machine. It helps make the skin look clearer and more even while also improving the appearance of acne pits and lipidic skin.

The process of deep cleansing eliminates surplus oil and contaminants that may block pores, thereby decreasing the frequency of acne flare-ups.

Skin that is allergic or sensitive can also benefit from Hydra facial treatments. The device is not harmful to the face yet efficiently reduces redness and inflammation by calming and soothing sensitive skin.

Because of this, it is appropriate for those whose skin reacts negatively to conventional skincare procedures. Healthy skin requires enough of hydration, and the Hydra face machine is excellent at replenishing lost water.

Using Hydra Facial Machine In China, users may strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and avoid dryness due to the moisturizing serums that are injected into the skin during the treatment. It offers skin that looks and feels nourished, and as a result, it is plumper, more robust, and resilient.

Wholesale HydraFacial Machine for Sale

Hydra Facial Machine In China provides a flexible and all-inclusive answer for a range of skincare requirements. These devices address a variety of skin issues, from wrinkle reduction and acne treatment to thorough cleaning and scar removal.

In addition, they also add value to any skincare routine because they can help with allergic skin and encourage the growth of new hair. To save the shipment costs, purchase our devices in bulk for your salon or beauty clinic today!

Hydra facial machines are becoming more and more popular in China, which is a reflection of their popularity and efficacy in producing healthy, radiant skin. So, what’s the wait? Get in touch with our quality results by facial machines.


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