Amel 7 in 1 H₂O₂ Small Bubbles Machine

Amel 7 in 1 H₂O₂ Small Bubbles Machine

Model:NV-W05X 3.0
Retail unit price$1254 (Excluding cart)
Unit price$1434 (Include cart)
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Function introduction:

  1. H₂O₂bubble cleaning: Open pores, soften cutin, clean skin and remove blackheads.
  2. High polymer water oxygen: Combine with liquid products. thus the instrument produce oxygen-high water ion cells, quickly import the injection into the dermis, moisturize the skin.
  3. Hot and cold +RF: Cold and hot lifting, can tighten and removal wrinkles,strengthen cell regeneration, let cells recovery activity, repair sensitive skin.
  4. Ultrasonic: use the ultrasonic per minute 1-3 million times vibration to open the pore, leading into the serum to deep cells.
  5. Skin scrubber vibration cleaning: Soften the cutin of the skin and deeply clean the dirt of the skin
  6. Bipolar HR: Use for body heat therapy to make skin tissue suck received a lot of heat combined with new collagen, smooth and tighten the skin.
  7. Bipolar EMS: Using 20Hz-1000Hz frequency conversion EMS, the face is lifted and firmed, the fine lines and puffiness of the eyes are improved, and the eyes are restored.


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