This is the FAQs section. Welcome. Here, we answer frequently asked questions to provide you with thorough, concise responses. Should you be unable to locate the necessary information, please email us at chigozieobih829@gmail.com.  

Which services is BI-CHIGGY LOGISTICS LIMITED providing?  

Answer: Charcoal transportation is the area of expertise for BI-CHIGGY LOGISTICS, a logistics company that specializes in the import and export of commodities.

 2. How can I make a logistics service order?  

Answer: To place an order, go to our website and adhere to the simple procedure described under the “Order” section. Give precise information, and our staff will help you with the remaining steps.  

3. What details must I include when placing an order?

Answer: When submitting an order, be sure to include all necessary information, including your contact details, the shipment details, and any special requests. This guarantees an efficient and precise logistical procedure.

4. How can my cargo be tracked?

Answer: A tracking number will be sent to you once your product is shipped. You may trace your cargo in real-time by using this number. We’ll keep you updated on its progress on a regular basis.

5. What occurs if my package is damaged in transit?

Answer: In the unlikely event that your package is damaged, please email us right away at chigozieobih829@gmail.com. We’ll start looking into the matter and try to find a solution that could involve a refund, exchange, or return.

6. What shipping choices are there?

Answer: We provide alternatives for both regular and expedited shipments. While express shipping is offered at a higher cost and speedier delivery, standard shipping offers predicted delivery timeframes.

7. Do overseas shipments incur extra expenses like customs duties?

Answer: Yes, taxes and customs charges may be applicable for shipments sent abroad. These additional costs are the responsibility of the customer. We guarantee adherence to international shipping laws.

8. How can I start the return process?

Answer: You must tell us within 14 days of receiving the item in order to start a return for damaged or erroneous products. Send us an email at chigozieobih829@gmail.com to report a problem and get permission to return an item.

9. How do you handle refunds?

Answer: After receiving the returned item, refunds for qualifying returns will be handled [number] days later. The original payment method used for the purchase will be refunded.

10. Do you provide returns?

Answer: Yes, we do accept returns for defective or mismatched merchandise. In the event that the substitute item is not available, a refund will be handled right away.

11. How can I get in touch with BI-CHIGGY Logistics Limited to get further help?

Answer: If you require any further information or support, please contact us at chigozieobih829@gmail.com. Our staff of customer service is available to assist you.

12. Is it possible for me to register on your website?

Answer: You are able to register for an account on our website. The setup of an account facilitates a more efficient ordering procedure and grants access to order history and tracking information.

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